Best gaming soundtracks to fall asleep

Best gaming soundtracks to fall asleep

Sleep and video games – two things that allow easily to escape from reality yet at first glance seem to be meant to be separate (there also are movies!). And while some prefer silence as they go off into their sleep and dreams, there are many others who prefer keeping some kind of background sound while they doze off. Video game music is often made to be in the background, creating ambient sounds that enhance the scene but do not take the focus away. Because of this, there are many game soundtracks that are perfect for falling asleep! 


A modern classic Minecraft is considered to be a calming game by many players. While there are some stressful situations in the game, many approach it as a creative outlet for their imagination. 

With some exceptions, the music of Minecraft is very calm, subtle, and non-intrusive. Its tracks have permanently engrained themselves into the minds of the players by accompanying them on their creative journey. Even without any prior experience of playing the game that would bring memories of peacefulness, the music is exceptionally calming to listen to. In addition, as the game is over 10 years old, there is an impressive amount of tracks to choose from – with the most popular ones being C418 originals. 

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Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing series is already considered one of the most relaxed popular games – players live on a peaceful island. Chatting with neighbors, catching fish, and decorating houses – are some of the game activities. Thus game fitting soundtrack is relaxed, laid back, and soothing. 

For the majority of series games, the background music changes every hour with different pieces for every hour of the day. Besides that, many tracks also have various alternative variants for certain weather conditions such as rain or snow. This makes for a wide variety of tracks that play in the background while the player carries on with their quests. Yet such relaxed and soothing instrumental music is also perfect for those who want nothing but faint positive vibes as they slowly fall asleep. In addition, Animal Crossing playing in the background might also bring back nostalgic memories of the game’s soft visuals and help to calm down! 

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Silent Hill

Silent Hill soundtrack might seem a counter-intuitive choice for falling asleep as the memories of playing this horror game series are certainly not relaxing. However, ambient and musical background sounds of the games are rather emotional and moody and not attempting to scare. 

For some, the so-familiar music helps to remember the past and calm down, for others – it helps to deal with emotions. If You are not afraid to listen to slow, moody ambient music when it gets foggy, rainy, or cold outside, the Silent Hill soundtrack is an amazing choice for falling asleep during seasons when nights are long. 

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