Top 3 Upcoming Games

Top 3 Upcoming Games

As the latest releases of AAA titles showed, gamers are not happy receiving incomplete, buggy game that offers nothing new or even has features removed. Many are turning into smaller game creators who might not offer the most realistic graphics but will give a much more memorable story, approach to the genre, or even try something totally new. There are many upcoming games worth looking out for and these are the ones we found the most interesting.

Stray – all new perspective

Stray video gameImage by Bluetwelve Studio via Steam

If many games to date allowed only to pet or just admire cats, Stray takes the matter into its hands. There players can actually be a cat and experience the life of a cat themselves. The nameless cat protagonist is controlled by the player in third-person view allowing for a rather enjoyable experience. But no matter who controls the cat there are limits to how much one can achieve being in a body of a cat living in the future dystopian city.

Because of that player is accompanied by B12 – a small robot who translates texts and speaks with robots as well as helps to solve puzzles in a cat-unfriendly environment. Yet B12 can not do everything – and so the player needs to jump, climb, scratch doors to be let in, or just have a long nap all by themselves.

The game promises not only various normal cat things to do but also plenty of quests and adventures to complete. Being a small creature means robots will have tasks for the player, varying from important to the story to others meant for having fun. Many gamers have always wanted to see the virtual world from a cat’s perspective and now it seems like the time has come – the upcoming game releases on July 19.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 – upcoming sequel

Stalker 2 video gameImage by GSC Game Studio via Steam

A long-awaited sequel to the modern classic Stalker series is beloved for its not-so-pretty looks and a rather realistic depiction of the fictional story of explosions of Reactor 4 in Chornobyl NPP aftermath. Exploring the Zone, fighting mutants and creatures, joining factions – life in the area of exclusion around the power plant is rather challenging and unrewarding.

While previously the game was developed for the Unreal 4 engine, it now has shifted to the highly-anticipated Unreal 5. This by itself adds quite a delay to the release of the game. On the other hand, the newer engine offers incredibly realistic graphics and character models, providing a much more immersive experience. Besides that, Stalker 2 finally introduces a completely seamless open world for the player to explore. This is a rather welcome change from somewhat scattered world chunks from the previous games.

While the game was planned to release on December 8 this year, Russia and Ukraine conflict had an impact on development. The main reason is the studio making the game, GSC Game World is based in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine. Since the late May game development is continuing yet it is not clear whether the new game will be delayed.

Frostpunk 2 – survive unsurviveable

Frostpunk 2 video gameImage by 11 Bit Studio via Steam

Game for those who are bored of chopping down trees in survival games. New Frostpunk series are based around keeping a city alive as the world around has cooled to negative temperatures. The sequel is taking part 30 years after the ending of the first game and, according to creators, the society has not only survived bus is also expanding.

The player is tasked to be a leader of a resource-hungry metropolis where the search for new sources of power is a daunting reality. The society that previously used coal to survive has now turns into oil. It seems that oil extraction is the last hope for humanity to survive.

What differentiates Frostpunk 2 from so many other games is that it is not trying to be positive and optimistic. It is an apocalyptic game where everything is doom and gloom, getting worse and worse. Though, as game creators say, this game will have a different tone from the original. Maybe even meaning we will finally get a little bit of positivity.

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