Earn While Playing

Earn While Playing

It is not impossible to earn money by playing video games in your free time. Yet the hard truth is that doing so is rather a toil. Without a doubt, bringing the work aspect to playing video games can kill all the fun. It feels sorrowful to slowly begin to hate what you used to love especially when the paid toll does not even bring any results. The market is already saturated and for each success story, there are thousands of failure ones. Yet if you feel adventurous enough and willing to commit, there are various ways to turn gaming into income.


As computers grew more and more powerful, currently almost anyone can stream their gameplay. Building an audience allows for monetization of the content by ads, subscriptions, or even donations. Twitch has been around for quite a long time and thus a reason why it has become so saturated.

It certainly takes time to build an audience. There are dozens of stories of streamers struggling to break the 10 viewers limit while 100 for many is an unreachable milestone. With that in mind, it usually takes thousands of regular viewers to earn a living by streaming.

On the other hand, trying this path is not too difficult. Setting up broadcasting software takes only a few minutes and you can begin streaming right away. Yet as the streaming platforms are so crowded, it takes a decent amount of effort to stand out. Nonetheless, it is worth giving a shot!

Creating guides and tutorials

Almost every new player prefers some kind of guide to kickstart their game progress. This especially holds true for multiplayer PvP games where every newcomer seeks to gain skills as quickly as possible not to lose each match. There are various ways to share your knowledge with the audience that can be monetized.

Writing guides in text format, uploading videos to Youtube, or even streaming educational gameplay to Twitch, each path is valid and can generate profit. Without a doubt, earning money takes from content creation quite a lot of skills and time to spare.

You need to keep up with the gaming trends, and quickly play through and learn new popular titles while also providing entertaining and informative guides. This can easily take tons of time while paying not that much. Thus many gamers create guides only on rare occasions, rather than sharing extended knowledge, not for profit but to help others instead of chasing that extra pay.

Gaming tournaments

People love watching others compete and gaming is no exception. Esport tournaments get thousands of spectators, and larger prize pools come with higher game popularity. If you find yourself skilled enough to compete on the stage or even join an esports team, it may become possible to live off playing games competitively.

But the competition is fierce and getting to the level of professional players can take years to reach. Keeping up the shape, adapting to any game updates as well as travelling abroad to participate in tournaments is exhausting. Thus these are the main reasons why many esport players retire at a very young age due to mental and physical exhaustion.

Being realistic, rarely will anyone successfully earn from competitive gaming due to incredibly high skill requirements. Believably, many will have better luck earning money from streaming their gameplay as their in-game skills are not as vital.

Play-to-Earn games

The trend of the latest cryptocurrency boom, P2E games generated some hype. Such games usually have native tokens that support game economies that usually are required to be purchased to begin playing. Yet as not so many people are willing to spend hundreds before even playing, P&E (Play-and-Earn) games are the newest upcoming trend for such games.

Most blockchain games are usually created with profit, thus usually lacking any challenging mechanics or skills. Yet as this is a new market, it will take some time to mature and offer more attractive games.

Currently, Axie Infinity reigns the blockchain games market and is profitable enough to provide household incomes for some in poorer countries in Asia. Yet it still needs a good chunk of investment if you hope to earn money from it. With that being said, the movement to P&E looks promising to players unwilling to buy a cat in a sack in a form of a boring blockchain game.

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