Fitness and Gaming

Fitness and Gaming

Gaming is often associated with lazily sitting on a couch or chair. Yet there are so many ways to exercise while playing video games. Without a doubt, nothing beats well-planned exercise at the gym but some games can at least help to get the ball rolling.

Beat Saber – speed and music

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Similar to games like Guitar Hero and osu!, Beat Saber is a virtual reality fitness game where the players are required to pay close attention to the music. Using “sabers” they cut incoming blocks in half while doing all that to the beat of the music.

This may not sound too challenging at first, but songs get faster and block placement more intricate. Then even the most skilled players can not avoid breaking a sweat while trying to keep up. And besides challenging the physical coordination of the player, the game also requires increasingly faster reactions.

Ring Fit Adventure – exercise to progress

Probably the most fitness-y game out of all. Made for Nintendo Switch and requiring additional accessories – a wheel and a leg strap with two connected Joy-Cons- this game is almost terrifically good at tracking any player’s movements.

Half an RPG, half rail-shooter this game tricks the player into doing much more exercises than one would like. Beating bosses and progressing through the game all require somewhat intense moves yet it is easy not to notice how tired the body is. Since when “just one more level” have become such strong motivation?

Just Dance – how good You are?

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As simple as it sounds – game series that requires its players to dance according to the moves shown on screen. It may not sound too difficult but some of the songs can remind you to take leg days at the gym more seriously. The first game was released in 2009 exclusively for the Wii console and had rather disappointing tracking of the player’s body.

Yet the games began to improve as the years went by and the community received at least one new installment each year. Wider choice of songs improved tracking software, and support for other than Nintendo’s consoles. Even the phones now can play Just Dance Now! Leaving only computers without access to the game.

Pokemon GO – going outside

This may not be a real game of fitness, yet it got people moving from their couches. The game shined its brightest in the summer of 2016 when hardly anyone was not going outside while trying not to miss a chance to catch rare pokemon. Yet after that, many of the players remained active and prevented the game from dying.

Pokemon GO was never meant to replace real exercise but not only did it motivate people to get up and move but also created a rather strong community. A big part of the crowd has diminished through the years, but those who remained make up an admirably strong and dedicated community.

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