Movies inspired by video games

Movies inspired by video games

When looking for inspiration, there is no wonder that many screenwriters turn to video games. Many of them have a coherent storyline, memorable characters, and, most importantly, are beloved by a wide audience. On the other hand, games, you know, are meant to be played, to be interacted with. Making them into a movie means vastly changing the concept of the whole story. Besides that, most games are much longer than any movie – ranging anywhere from 10 to 60 hours worth of gameplay. Yet the possible box office seemed like good motivation for various attempts to come up with a good video game film. Unfortunately, very few movies were actually successful and did not fail their fans. 

Pixels (2015)

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While the movie is not a direct representation of the game, Pixels successfully took the idea from one of the classics – Pac-man. It is a rather intriguing yet simple fiction movie with a respectable cast and well-made CGI. Maybe not a choice for an accurate depiction of the game, but a movie still worth giving a look at. 

Uncharted (2022)

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A movie based on a game with unexpectedly much going for it. Starring Tom Holland (yes, that Tom Holland) and directed by Ruben Fleisher whose Zombieland is a movie worth watching. Yet unfortunately, the movie was not as great as many have anticipated. While there were some amazing acting and visuals, the characters and pacing of the plot made the viewing experience far worse than expected, making the movie just average. 

Assassin’s Creed (2016)

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With Michael Fassbender upfront, the Assasin’s Creed movie is one of those rarer occurrences when the plot and setting do not stray away from the actual game series. Ubisoft went for a safer approach and made the movie that both looked good and satisfied their fans. It may have not been a record breaker when it came to the box office, but it definitely showed how not to disappoint players. 

Sonic The Hedgehog (2020)

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While the movie had several production issues (including a complete redesign of Sonic) and was one of the last ones before 2020’s lockdown, Sonic The Hedgehog stands as one of the better examples of how to make movies inspired by video games. Surprisingly fun, exciting, and entertaining even for non-gamers, the movie is definitely worth taking a look at, especially considering its sequel released in 2022. While the latter was not as great as the first part, it is still a very decent movie that allows continuing the plot further on. 

Mortal Kombat (1995)

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Dumb, campy, exciting, and just brilliant. Not the precise representation, but more of a ruthless 90s spirit to entertain the audience. It is a modern classic that could be considered a really satisfying movie to watch. Maybe not the prime example of quality adaption, but the essence of Mortal Kombat fighting games is definitely there.  

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