Movies to become video games

Movies to become video games

In past years, various video games have been turned into movies with results varying from terrible to great results. Yet there is a whole different way of doing it – why not make video games based on movies? Many movie fans would love to relive their favorite scenes with themselves controlling main characters – and so far, there were some successful attempts already. So what games we would love to see become video games? 

Baby Driver

Baby Driver scheme
image from Baby Driver (2017)

Without a doubt, probably everyone who watched the movie got captivated by the opening scene which featured a fast-paced car chase. Further, into the plot, the jobs get more complicated with characters developing with each scene. Such a movie would make an amazing open-world race game, maybe even with some RPG elements such as side quests, different character builds, and weapons (and cars!). 

Without a doubt, Need For Speed series has been a staple of arcade race games for a few decades now. But let’s face it – the last games were just a faint reminder of glorious days of Need For Speed Underground 2 and Most Wanted. And with EA getting more and more greedy, the latest series entries got little to no support as their model proved itself not profitable in a long term. Thus there is always space in the market for a new series, that would return back to the roots of fast-paced driving on streets and police chases. Gamers still want advanced, realistic customization of vehicles, reputation and stats, various side gigs, and, most importantly, feeling the rush of adrenaline and excitement when drifting through the corners. 

Ready Player One

Ready Player One scene
image from Ready Player One (2018)

Where even to begin with this one… Ready Player One, which at first was written as a book, then became a movie is a story about what could be called the metaverse. Oasis is a single place for any digital world activity that is more attractive than the real world. It is a place to study, work, compete and earn a living. There are fighting clubs, street races, virtual meetings with business partners, and about anything one can think of. 

Current metaverse projects are trying their best to come close to what Oasis was. Currently, we are very far from what this fiction story has told us – current VR headsets are far more clunky, and there is no game studio that would agree to take on such an enormous size and highly detailed project. Yet who knows what the future holds – maybe it will be Valve, which previously made VR mainstream, to create the universe that everyone will love. 

John Wick

John Wick scene
image from John Wick movie series

There is Hitman game series already with the famous Agent 47, but many gamers are still wishing for one with John Wick as the main character. There is just something about controlling a quiet, reserved black-wearing man that could kill three men with a pencil. The game could easily take place in the past when John Wick hasn’t yet retired and was in his prime. Various weapons, combat moves, open world, main and side story quests – there is a whole world of possibilities for how to make a game out of the series of John Wick movies. 

Taking things to another level, making it an open-world multiplayer game, and allowing to create players to create their own assassins would make it as close to the movie as it gets. Competing to get the bounties, killing each other, completing various quests together and against each other – we highly doubt players would not love to play such a thrilling game. 

Bottom line

Video games and movies are such different types of entertainment, one is active and another – passive. Yet the story, characters, and environments can still overlap, attracting different audiences and appealing to both worlds of gaming and movies. Current examples of LOTR, Star Wars, Spider-Man, and others have already proved that movies can become video games successfully – and there are tons of movies that can be another hit. 

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