Old but gold

Old but gold

There are various advantages to playing with a PC when compared to a console. Yet a single unmatched benefit is the old games remaining forever playable on computers. Even the newest rigs can still play old classic video games from the 90s and 00s. These games allow traveling back in time to experience the roots of nowadays gaming. Some of the old games were the start of a series that lives up till this day while others never even needed a sequel.


Doom 1993 - classic old but gold FPS game

One of the games that kickstarted First Person Shooters back in the 90s. Released a year after classic Wolfenstein 3D game, Doom was one of the first games to introduce somewhat naturally feeling three-dimensional space. Besides that, the game was challenging for the players, fun to play, and became one of the more popular shooters around the time.

Nowadays the original Doom game is famous for being played on virtually any device. Meanwhile the series got back the attention of the gamers with the release of Doom (2016). The new game was vastly different from most nowadays FPSs while also being reminiscent of the original – no frustratingly realistic combat and use of covers, no boring cutscenes or dialogues. As it said, the Doom series always were about three things – bad a*s demons, big f*cking guns, and moving really fast. And both the original and current installments successfully deliver that.

Fallout 2

Looking at screenshots of the game, it can be easily seen that the Fallout series has come a long way since the early days. Yet without a doubt even if the visuals have changed, the first Fallout games already had intricate narratives and incredible mechanical depth. And as it is available on Steam, there is almost no excuse not to try out the game from 1998.

Being an older game, Fallout 2 also is hardly forgiving to the player. Bad decisions and character development can make playing much more difficult. Yet after getting some basic knowledge about the in-game systems, one can experience one of the greatest RPG games of all time. The number of factions, quests and various characters paint a painfully-accurate picture of a post-apocalyptic world. The game might look ugly at first, but it was the entry that defined the series.


Created back in 1984 in USSR, Tetris is one of the oldest video games that are popular till these days. Built on simple rules and requiring intelligence and skill, the game has established itself as one of the oldest classics. Ported to more than 65 platforms, the game has also set a Guinness world record as being available on most systems.

While being simple, Tetris is also a rather intricate game with a great depth of skills required to achieve higher and higher scores. Game tournaments are popular to this day and the game itself has tons of different versions made that allow for various multiplayer modes or even three-dimensional displays. It is a game that is not about appealing visuals or intricate stories but about challenging the player‘s mind.

Grand Theft Auto

GTA San Andreas - classic video gameimage via steam.com

Take a break away from the scandal of the Definitive Edition release and get back to the 00s. Then GTA3, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas were released and made not only with profit in mind. Nowadays we got used to huge open-worlds but back in 2001, GTA3 set a new standard for open-world games. The following sequel, GTA Vice City had an even more detailed world and amazing story.

Yet players were to experience GTA San Andreas. The game might look outdated now, but its story, mechanics, and amount of activities hold up even against modern games. 100 story missions, various gangs to interact with, hoods to protect, tons of minigames, and a wide variety of weapons and vehicles including planes, boats, bikes, and cars – the game was above anything at that moment. And even today, there are tons of people who enjoy playing classic Grand Theft Auto series games – even if the graphics and mechanics did not age too well, the story and the details are still there.

Baldur‘s Gate II

Badlur's Gate II screenshot of an old game

Over two decades old, Baldur’s Gate II game still looks ageless with its hand-drawn aesthetics. Based on D&D, the game delivers one of the best role-playing experiences of all time. As the players are still waiting for the sequel, there is no wonder the pressure on the creators is ridiculously high.

The game might be confusing and troublesome at first for modern gamers who are not used to D&D. Yet this is one of the traits that made Baldur’s Gate II outlive its rivals. From its dark fantasy setting, amazing writing, catchy voice lines, and amazing visuals, the game is truly old, but gold.

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