Spooky games for Halloween

Spooky games for Halloween

It is the season of goosebumps and the time for spooky games to play in the evening has come! Immersing yourself in action and putting your own fate in your hands is something that makes horror games much scarier than even the most intense horror movies. Thus we compiled a list of spooky games for everyone – solo and multiplayer, competitive and casual, modern and classic. No matter your preference, there is always a horror game for You!

Dead by Daylight – multiplayer inspired by Slasher

DBD is known for its „asymmetrical“ multiplayer meaning teams are not the same. One consists of four players trying to survive while the other team is made only of a single one – the killer. It is a spooky game of cat and mouse implemented in a bloody and scary world. Besides that, DBD has many characters including Nemesis, Sadako Yamamura and Freddy Krueger.

Dead by Daylight
image from store.steampowered.com

Phasmophobia – goofy ghostbusting

Phasmophobia is a fun and enjoyable mix between spooky ghosts and messing around with your friends. It is a multiplayer game with missions set in prisons, haunted houses and more with a task to investigate the ghost there. With various ghost-hunting tools such as EMF meters, UV flashlights, night vision cameras and others players try to identify what kind of creature is haunting the environment. It may sound serious at first, but together with friends, this is an undeniably fun way to spend autumn evenings!

Five Nights at Freddy‘s – night shift gone wrong

The game series has already created a respectably big amount of games to play through and is still going strong even 8 years after its release. You get to play as a night-shift employee at a restaurant, who is left alone and trying to protect the building from various animatronic animals. Sounds simple? Definitely. Does it get scary? Absolutely!

Resident Evil – traditional singleplayer series

RE7, RE4 and RE2 Remake are all amazing games that all offer a perfect dose of horror. Memorable characters, unsettling stories and an environment that looks overwhelmingly real. Resident Evil series brings some brilliant games to the table of the horror genre and it would be a shame at least not to try them out.

Resident Evil 2 Remake
image from store.steampowered.com

Alien: Isolation – Alien movie universe game

For those who liked Alien movies, Alien: Isolation is a perfect game. Playing as Ripley and sneaking around the space station while avoiding Xenomorph alien and other enemies captures the movie‘s atmosphere very well. Intelligent stalking allows this game to push the limits of horror-stealth to its limits. And if playing at home was not enough, the game also was ported for iOS!

Bloodborne – Dark Souls x Horror

Elden Ring and other souls-type games have been in the mainstream for years, but years ago there already were some very challenging games. Bloodborne is a 2015 PlayStation game set in the world of H. P. Lovecraft-inspired mythology and gothic horror. The game‘s community has been asking for a remaster for years by now, but the original still holds up quite well – as long as you do not mind a challenge.

Little Nightmares 2 – smol horror

2.5D game that focuses on stealth and puzzles while also offering more depth than the first game. Its unsettling atmosphere is something that makes the game a perfect choice for spooky game lovers. Besides that, both the first and second games are quite short, thus a good choice for some weekend spooks!

Little Nightmares 2
image from store.steampowered.com

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