Breach Alpha Features

Breach Alpha Features

With an upcoming MVP release of Breach social platform undoubtedly arise many questions regarding its features. As this is an alpha release the functionality of the platform can surely appear somewhat lacking at first sight. Yet currently implemented features lay a foundation for further improvement and expansion. The developer team is seeking to gather feedback before continuing the work to ensure the vision of the project aligns with the needs of the users. Without a doubt, everything within this release and blog post is subject to change thus the team is eagerly anticipating any feedback. This will be a time for the users to share their experiences to help create a platform suiting their needs the most.

Games lists

Users can browse a list of various games showing their genre and platform, and, when clicked, a short description. This will provide an easy and almost effortless way to discover new various games. In the future, game pages will be more definitive and include in-game screenshots, more detailed descriptions as well as game news articles and guides written by Breach users.

Content feed

Being a social platform Breach allows users to upload and share content with others. Photos, videos, links, or simple text are currently supported formats with more different types of content coming soon. Users can also share content created by others by reposting it on their timeline while still crediting the original creator.

Posts can be liked and disliked by others to help understand how the audience perceived their post. Commenting is also available allowing to interact with the original poster. Nonetheless, users can choose to disable comments if they choose so. If the post seems inappropriate, others can report it to the moderation team and, after further inspection, it will be removed.

Chat with friends – feature coming soon

Chats will be available after an update of the alpha release as the chatting system is still not fully complete. There will be three different chat types – direct messages, private group chats, and public chats.

Direct messaging is used to call friends, share photos and have conversations in Breach. Such chats will consist of two members while adding one will turn a chat into a private group chat.

Private chat groups will allow users to text others, share photos, and have mutual voice calls. They are planned to be used by friends or users sharing a common interest in a game or a hobby. These chats will not be discoverable by others as to join them one will need to receive an invite from the creator of the group.

Public chats, as opposed to private chats, will be discoverable in the chats tab within the platform. They provide a perfect way to find new people who are interested in certain topics or games and have discussions while discovering new viewpoints or learning more about various topics. Both public and private chats will share the same structure and offer availability to switch between being private and public at any time.

Matchmaking posts – feature coming soon

The Matchmaking feature is not currently available to the public and will launch a bit later. The developer team is doing their best to bring it to the public as soon as possible.

Users will be able to create a matchmaking advertisement where they can state whether they are looking for one or several players. There will be an option to state the gaming platform (PC, Xbox, etc.), game, team size, type of gaming (casual, competitive, professional), language, and time zone while also stating the beginning of the gaming session.

When posted, the advertisement will be shown in the feed to users playing the same game. If the user joins the advertised tean, they willo join a private lobby used to share details of the session. Players within the lobby group will be able to see other members, chat, and share files.

Lobbies – feature coming soon

Lobbies are the foundation of the matchmaking service and will be used for communication between the players. Accepting a matchmaking invitation will add the user to the lobby where they will be able to chat and share files with the others. As the lobbies can be either private or public, one willing to join might need to wait for approval to enter. No matter if the lobby is public or private, it will be shown to other users in a lobbies list.

If there is no need to find additional players, users can create a lobby for their friends to join without creating an advertisement. If some members leave, the creator can create a matchmaking advertisement for the same lobby and get new players to join.

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